NBN is Finally Here from 28th February 2019 Onward.

What to Expect

In your mailbox you will start getting NBN Mail Outs. CLICK HERE for an example.

Via email you will be sent notification a sample of which is “My Whistle Out”. You need to be wary of what is being offered. Often there is what looks like a cheap deal but to the left of these posts will be listed the ongoing prices after say 6 months. CLICK HERE to see a typical email.

Scams are rife. Be very wary of them. This is especially so in regard to being told you will be disconnected if you do not obey them. Often this relates to your Telstra services.

Existing telephones or systems relying on your old PSTN phone which you have gotten used to over the past 100 years or more, will not work on the new NBN network. Speak to your broadband supplier of your choice about your home phone requirements. Sorry E.T. this affects you too.