Lake Wollumboola

Lake Wollumboola is located south of Culburra Beach. The Lake, sand bar and south west part of the catchment are included in the Jervis Bay National Park.

Historically this sandbar would wash away in the summer tides, cleaning the lake bottom and restocking the fish and prawns in the lake.

Lake Wollumboola is a 600 Ha inland lake which adjoins Warrain Beach on the southern side of the Culburra Beach township.   It is an intermittently opening and closing lake or ICOL.

This lake was first noted in an 1813 exploratory trip where the local Aboriginal clan members assisted explorers to navigate the open channel.   At this point in the Lakes geography the “spring tides washed over the sandy lake mouth”.  The lake has been an important Cultural site for Aboriginal residents and their connection with this beautiful lake continues today.

Lake Wollumboola has been an important issue for the Culburra Beach Community since annexing the sand spit and bed of Lake Wollumboola to Jervis Bay National Park in 1997 (gazetted in 2001).

The community has come together on many occasions to protest any changes to the community usage of Lake Wollumboola and this issue continues to the current times.

The Culburra Beach Progress Association has lobbied the Department of Environment and Climate Change to undertake a study of the effects of National Parks and Wildlife Services’ management of the sand spit since major sandbagging of the lake mouth in 1997.  This study is currently being undertaken by Wollongong University.   We look forward to the results.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing on Lake Wollumboola is a year round activity.

The Lake is home to migratory birds for some of the summer season.    On a clear night the view of lake is breathtaking with the Milky Way reflected in the calm waters of Lake Wollumboola.  Enjoy.

Turn east off the Princes Highway at Kalandar Street on the southern outskirts of Nowra and follow the directions to Culburra Beach.

Boating Chart for Lake Wollumboola

Access to Lake Wollumboola is via two picnic areas:

  • Lakeside Park near the sandbar and Warrain Beach.
  • Boat Ramp picnic area at West Crescent.
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