Goodnight Island

Goodnight Island is a freehold island situated in the Crookhaven River estuary, approximately 15 km east of Nowra, midway between Greenwell Point and Orient Point & Culburra Beach.

Goodnight Island Ecotourism Development Approved.

Members of the Culburra Beach Progress Association Inc expressed their support for the Goodnight Island Ecotourism project at meetings in 2009 and in writing to the relevant authorities.

The project was approved under State Environmental Planning Policy on 29th November 2009 as a project of major significance for the area by the State Government.

The Goodnight Island Development will provide state of art environmentally friendly development at our doorstep.   The development is low impact visually while providing facilities such as a swimming pool, helipad, restaurant and amphitheatre, spa and ecotourism opportunities for the region.