Fire Danger – Culburra Beach

Saturday 4th January 2020 is said to be a scorcher and thus a fire danger period for Culburra Beach.

For more information go to

A good idea is to download the “Fires near Me App” onto your mobile.

The web based version is HERE.

Do not become complacent. Follow the instructions given by the authorities.

Look up the details on the RFSNSW link for your survival plan. CLICK HERE for details. Please use this link to ensure you have the most up to date information.

Copies of the three sections are downloadable from the Progress site but are only included here should the RFS Web Site not be available. They are;




On the RFS website is the following LINKMy Fire Plan“. This might be of considerable use to you.

Follow the advice given at RFS briefings. The Shoalhaven City Council You Tube Videos have the latest briefings available. CLICK HERE to go to them.

The best top level plan is leave early.

Keep listening on TV and Radio plus mobile apps like Facebook, Fires Near Me.

The Shoalhaven Council You Tube LINK has the RFS Briefings recorded

Always go to the various helpful sites and sources of official information as suggested above and gain the official status, advice etc.

The Progress Association has been informed that our evacuation centre is the Bomaderry Bowling Club. This is considered a long way away and means you maybe travelling through a fire zone or have falling trees to deal with so the beach is more likely to be a safer place. Please be aware to keep away from areas of the beach that falls victim to ember attacks. Keep a close eye inland and if necessary head into the water but move along the beach away from any bush that may be on fire.

All advice given on this website is considered general advice. You must consider for yourself what advice is right for you. Whenever possible use the links above and go to the actual sources for the most up to date information.

Stay Safe.