Culburra Beach Markets 1 Mar 20

The next Culburra Beach Market will be held this Sunday 1 Mar 2020.

Normal location across the road from the Culburra Beach Bowling & Recreation Club.

Parking Available in Bowling Club Car Park

Parking available in the bowling club car park. Please obey the entry and exit rules as signposted.

The Progress Association on-site office.

NBN is Finally Here from 28th February 2019 Onward.

What to Expect

In your mailbox you will start getting NBN Mail Outs. CLICK HERE for an example.

Via email you will be sent notification a sample of which is “My Whistle Out”. You need to be wary of what is being offered. Often there is what looks like a cheap deal but to the left of these posts will be listed the ongoing prices after say 6 months. CLICK HERE to see a typical email.

Scams are rife. Be very wary of them. This is especially so in regard to being told you will be disconnected if you do not obey them. Often this relates to your Telstra services.

Existing telephones or systems relying on your old PSTN phone which you have gotten used to over the past 100 years or more, will not work on the new NBN network. Speak to your broadband supplier of your choice about your home phone requirements. Sorry E.T. this affects you too.

Fire Danger – Culburra Beach

Saturday 4th January 2020 is said to be a scorcher and thus a fire danger period for Culburra Beach.

For more information go to

A good idea is to download the “Fires near Me App” onto your mobile.

The web based version is HERE.

Do not become complacent. Follow the instructions given by the authorities.

Look up the details on the RFSNSW link for your survival plan. CLICK HERE for details. Please use this link to ensure you have the most up to date information.

Copies of the three sections are downloadable from the Progress site but are only included here should the RFS Web Site not be available. They are;




On the RFS website is the following LINKMy Fire Plan“. This might be of considerable use to you.

Follow the advice given at RFS briefings. The Shoalhaven City Council You Tube Videos have the latest briefings available. CLICK HERE to go to them.

The best top level plan is leave early.

Keep listening on TV and Radio plus mobile apps like Facebook, Fires Near Me.

The Shoalhaven Council You Tube LINK has the RFS Briefings recorded

Always go to the various helpful sites and sources of official information as suggested above and gain the official status, advice etc.

The Progress Association has been informed that our evacuation centre is the Bomaderry Bowling Club. This is considered a long way away and means you maybe travelling through a fire zone or have falling trees to deal with so the beach is more likely to be a safer place. Please be aware to keep away from areas of the beach that falls victim to ember attacks. Keep a close eye inland and if necessary head into the water but move along the beach away from any bush that may be on fire.

All advice given on this website is considered general advice. You must consider for yourself what advice is right for you. Whenever possible use the links above and go to the actual sources for the most up to date information.

Stay Safe.

NBN Meeting tonight 6 Nov 2019

Notice of Meeting

A meeting has been organised with the NBN Representative Lachlan Ceeney to discuss the connection of the NBN to the Culburra Beach district and answer any quest\ ons regarding the installation of the service. All interested community members are invited to attend .

This meeting will be held at the Banksia Community Hall , Fred Evans Lane Culbur- ra Beach at 7.oo pm on the 6th November 2019 prior to the Monthly meeting of the Culburra Progress Association.

NBN is here in Culburra Beach

FTTN Cabinet – Park Row

The national broadband network is currently being rollout out in Culburra Beach and Orient Pt. The timeframes for premises to be ready for service are between January and March 2020. Timeframes for specific addresses and locations can be found using nbn’s check your address function on their website.
How to connect to the nbn network
Check how you use the internet between 7pm and 11pm, including how many devices are in use and how they are being used
Select the right plan with the help of your phone or internet provider. A list of nbn retail providers can be found here
Connect to an nbn powered plan and get set up with the help of your provider who can provide tips on where to put your modem and more.
Questions to ask your provider
What plan would you suggest for me?
Do you charge any additional installation fees?
Can I keep my current home phone number and email address?
18 month disconnection
Once an area becomes ready for service, premises in that area will have 18 months to make the switch to nbn.
Nbn provides direct mail information five times over the 18 month period to ensure people are informed.
Other important information
If you use any of the following equipment, contact the provider/manufacturer to check that it will work over the nbn access network, or whether you’ll need to find an alternative solution.
Monitored fire and security alarms
Medical alarms, autodiallers and emergency call buttons.
Fax machines and TTY devices.
Register your medical alarm at 1800 227 300 or
NBN Co has launched an awareness drive across Australia as call to the company’s contact centre about suspected scams reach in excess of 9,500 enquiries over the past quarter, at an average of 100 per day.
If someone claiming to work for nbn has contacted you trying to sell you an internet or phone service and you’re in doubt, ask for their details, hang up and call your retail service provider to check they are legitimate.
Do not share your bank or personal details with an unsolicited caller or with those who door knock claiming to be from nbn trying to sell you an nbn service or seek payment for related services.
nbn approved technicians and workers carry identification cards – always request to see this card before providing access to your address.
Never give an unsolicited caller remote access to your computer via the installation of programs such as Team Viewer.
nbn does not call you with automated assistance to advise you will be disconnected – suggest you hang up the phone.
nbn is a wholesaler – you will need to purchase an nbn powered plan through a phone or internet provider. Nbn only accept direct payment from the public in certain circumstances – e.g. switched technologies at your premises.
Visit nbn’s website for further information on how to identify and avoid potential scammers.
A video on the topic of scams can be found here –

View as Web Page by “CLICKING HERE” and submit your enquiries or concerns.

Burradise Festival


The festival is a celebration of beach, surf, music, art, food, coastal lifestyle and culture. Over three nights and two days you can experience the very best of local talent, entertainment, arts, music, multicultural food, culture, products and produce. 
The festival program is designed to showcase and give young, in the middle or a bit older visitors access to events and activities across three festival hubs in Culburra Beach.
Burradise – it’s not just a place, it’s a way of life!

For more information: